Hazelbrook Confectionery have just recently developed an extensive range of inexpensive confectionery under their Merrytime brand. The range includes a selection of prepack bags of sweets, unwrapped chocolate nugget jars in a variety of flavours, value for money gift packs for all seasons and a range of kids chocolate bars and chocolate lollipops.

Originally in Ireland, the Merrytime brand was famous for its Kojak Lollipops and has always enjoyed a solid reputation for fun value for money confectionery.

Mack Nuggets

Milk Chocolaty Chunks mixed with coconut macaroon pieces Now available in bags, 15 bags per outer

Blu Bubble Crunch

Milk Chocolaty Chunks filled with crunchy raspberry bubblegum flavoured bits Now available in bags, 15 bags per outer

Iced Caramels

Our smooth caramels with a crisp iced sugar coating Now available in bags, 15 bags per outer

See history of Iced Caramels here

Magic Mix-Ups

Our great value bag with a unique mixture of chocs, jellies and candies. Now available in bags, 15 bags per outer


Our Merrytime range also comes with a wide variety of other options available in generic bags of blue, green and brown. These can be adapted to customer requirements and the range of other bags typically include Assorted Toffees, Irish Butter Toffee, Peanut Choc Nuggets, Chocolate Caramels, Vanilla Fudge, Assorted Fruit Iced Caramels, Mint Iced Caramels, Chocolate Turkish Delight, and Liquorice Toffees

Now available on request in bags, 15 bags per outer

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